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Decorate and Improve Your Space with Our One-of-a-Kind Interior Design Ideas


The success of a business depends on many factors. Interior design elements are just some, but many owners must understand their importance for their business. Decorating the company’s space will influence your team’s productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Besides the products and services your company provides, the atmosphere of your business’s space decoration is also essential. It will determine how good a client feels and how satisfied he will be.

Meet DIMPILL! Amongst Interior Design Companies in Abu Dhabi, We Are the Most Dedicated Team

As one of the top interior design companies in Abu Dhabi, our creative team provides many design-oriented services such as menu and logo design, brand identity, and many more. You may want a modern, contemporary cafe interior design personalized for your business that is compatible with your audience and superior to your competitors. Our unique, minimalist or bohemian interior design styles have helped many companies grow. You can also use our top services to take your business to the next level.

Countries Where You Can Find Our Interior Design Company

You can find the services of our design company in many countries. We are one of the top interior design companies in UAE because we fully understand the culture and the market. The same applies to interior design in Lebanon – we are at the top. Our team will surely satisfy all your needs.

The developing economy and markets made the need for interior design Abu Dhabi and office interior design in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, vital because of the rise in competition. You need a reliable design company like DIMPILL that fully understands the heritage and tradition of the country and uses its knowledge to create the perfect arrangements.

You may also need to pay more attention to the importance of interior design in Abu Dhabi or Turkey if you have a company there. Even though there was a noticeable increase in modern concepts, together with the rise in the economy and markets, the influence of the local culture remains strong.

DIMPILL’s Interior Design Portfolio

– Commercial

The vast interior design portfolio of our design company includes many industries and several countries. For this reason, the experience of our team will influence the quality of our work. You can be sure that every commercial interior design we create for businesses satisfies their needs and requirements. Nowadays, without a proper cafe interior design, even these businesses cannot produce the results of a competitor. You have many advantages by taking care of the inside decoration, so remember that creating an excellent environment for employees and clients will help the growth of the business.

– Residential

DIMPILL is not limited to the commercial industry. Our professional team can also take care of any residential projects. With the growth of the economy and the power of the markets, many people pay more and more attention to the quality of the environment they live in. This includes the internal decoration of residential buildings and houses. For this reason, we also decided to offer our services in this area. Using our knowledge of the local culture, we can create many unique and original living room interior designs that will satisfy anyone.

– Institutional

Interior decoration is also critical for many institutions. Schools, hospitals, governmental buildings, and many other institutions must create a positive environment. They need the help of professionals that understand the culture and their needs. Our team has a lot of experience and expertise in this area. We helped many institutions to create an environment that increases productivity and satisfaction. Our design company can personalize all layouts to ensure uniqueness and practicability. If you decide to work with us, you can be sure that the results will surely satisfy you.

The Features of Our Interior Design Mood Board

– Space

We understand the importance of evaluating the space for which we must create interior design ideas. Our team’s first step is to visit the location and gather all the necessary information. Balancing the area’s atmosphere is crucial in our interior design mood board and can only be done after thoroughly understanding the space.

– Lines

To create a perfect arrangement, the lines in the space must also be considered. Diverse furnishings like tables, chairs, doors, or windows can give them. The layouts we make are influenced by all the lines to produce harmony and balance to improve the mood of anyone entering the space.

– Form

Geometry is a crucial factor that must be included in any planning process. The shapes of the furniture, plans, and other elements in the space to be decorated must be considered in the project. We must use them to influence the mood in the desired direction.

– Light

The light of the space is essential when determining what colors to use. Some areas have more natural light, while others rely more on artificial methods. The light scheme must be considered at every step, even during development, to ensure the arrangement always accomplishes its purpose.

– Color

The mood of a persona can be significantly affected by colors. For this reason, a reliable interior design company like DIMPIIL must always consider this factor. The impact of the colors in an area where people spend many hours is even more critical as it will influence their lifestyle while being there.

– Texture

This element is easily customizable. Even though other factors slightly influence it, our team decides on the right textures based mainly on the requirements of the projects. The purpose of the decoration layout will significantly affect the ones we choose to use.

– Pattern

This is the last element, similar to the previous one, and is the last one in our interior design mood board. We use different methods and consider various factors when choosing the correct patterns. The main difference in selecting the patterns is the area’s culture and the need for harmony between different spaces.

Get Your Interiors from Our Premium Design Company

DIMPILL has much experience in design. The projects we completed in the past provide the confidence to create lavish bespoke interiors. Our creative space planning is based on our team’s imagination, creativity, and ability to maximize a space’s overall visual appeal and functionality. It allows us to create the finest home decor.

We have a collaborative approach because we value our clients’ visions. Our vast experience shows that only custom-tailored services to fit your needs can fully satisfy your requirements. For this reason, our design company provides the best-personalized home decoration ideas for comfort and pleasure using a beautiful color scheme selection.

When working with DIMPILL, you can expect a comprehensive suite of services. We are experts in creating many world-class bespoke layout arrangements. You come with the vision, and we will transform it into reality. Regardless of what your needs and requirements are. Our team is confident in creating top arrangements that will fully satisfy you.

Design Stages That All Interior Design Companies in Abu Dhabi Should Consider. DIMPILL Certainly Does!

1. Consultation

Before doing anything else, we must understand the project’s requirements. For this reason, we provide a consultation to discuss everything together. Generally, you will tell us what you want and need, for example, residential or commercial interior design. We will strive to develop the best possible solutions and plans. At the same time, our team will inspect the space to gain a thorough understanding and find the best tactics that can be used to create the ideal layout.

2. Concept

After understanding all your needs and requirements and the space’s characteristics, we will start creating the concept. Initially, we may make several options to discuss with our clients. The goal is to get a general idea about the best direction of the project. Even if your requirements are many, the options available to our experts remain many. They must create many decoration options that fit everything, and then we can discuss them together.

3. Feasibility

Having the initial concept in place, it’s time for a thorough discussion again. Arrangement ideas will have different requirements attached. For example, the budget feasibility must be considered. We must first check which of the alternatives is feasible, and only then can we decide which plan will go to the next step. The process may seem a little cumbersome, but ensuring you are satisfied with the results is essential.

4. Development

After the strategy is fully decided is time to start the development process. Our team will begin with the chosen concept to introduce the structure and the details. The entire plan will be completed in this step. You can be sure our team will use its vast experience to create the best possible masterpiece for you. Our design company will only accept the complete satisfaction of our clients, and by using our services, you can start getting all the benefits.

5. Presentation

The last step of the process is the presentation. We will showcase to you the entire decoration plan. Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss every detail with our experts. If there are any modifications you feel are needed, you can tell them. To fulfill our promise, all the changes you want will be made until the whole project brings the ideal you have in your mind. Don’t wait anymore; contact us today, and let us cover your every need!


1. Why do I need professional interior design services?

It brings many benefits. You can increase productivity and customer satisfaction with the right office interior design if you have a business. Using our services, you can also improve the living environment of your home. The quality of your lifestyle will surely go up when using professional services.

You can also use professional services if you are responsible for an institution. Doing so will surely bring many pleasant surprises. As you can see, the benefits of such services are unlimited. Any space can benefit from it. If you can do so, why not start benefiting from these advantages yourself?

2. What are the 4 types of interior design?

The creativity of this industry is limitless, but these are four of the most common decorating styles.

  • Traditional style. Depending on the country, you can find many different traditional types influenced by history and culture.
  • Modern style. With the rise of the economy and the growth of the markets, modernist styles are inevitable.
  • Industrial style. Usually used in factories, warehouses, and other similar places, this style focuses on related qualities.
  • Minimalist style. It is a perfect choice for people that enjoy having much free space around them and maximizing the functionality of the used area.

3. What are the 7 principles of interior design?

The following are the core of any project:

  • Balance. It represents the type of symmetry you want in your space.
  • Unity. It’s vital to ensure that all the elements come together.
  • Rhythm. Patterns can be used to give a pleasant rhythm to the space.
  • Scale and proportion. The area must be considered when choosing the decoration elements.
  • Contrast. You can use it to create solid visual impacts that produce desired effects.
  • Emphasis. Any arrangement needs to have a focal point that attracts attention.
  • Details. Use them to improve the decoration layout as much as possible.

4. How should I choose a design company?

You already found it! DIMPILL is here to cover all your needs and requirements, but if you want some objective factors to help you make the right decision, you must ensure a few things. A top design company must have enough experience. Also, check the interior design portfolio for world-class bespoke inside arrangements with beautiful color schemes and see past clients’ satisfaction levels. You may also want to check the team size and how many services are provided in-house. All of these are good indicators of your satisfaction at the end of the project.

5. Why should I choose DIMPILL?

Our company’s imagination, creativity, and ability to maximize a given space’s overall visual appeal and functionality are among the best you can find. We are one of the best interior design companies in UAE, using creative space planning and beautiful color scheme selection to create many masterpieces. Our projects in Turkey and Qatar are also some of the finest home decoration layouts ever. Our design company can also provide personalized home interior design ideas for comfort and pleasure in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. A much better question would be, why not choose DIMPILL right now? We provide all the services you need, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.