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Stand Out and Surpass Your Competition with the Best Brand Identity


A brand identity is comprised of several elements, such as a message, values, logo, and other visual factors that every company must have. A business can’t become the best without a complete identity because it would lose too many benefits, such as global reach, the company’s overall value, and even a higher number of leads and clients.

DIMPILL is a leading agency that can create a luxury brand identity design using a personalized approach that will make your company superior to competitors. Our team will create a unique corporate identity compatible with your target audience, making them remember your business forever.

How Can We Help? Here Are Some of Our Brand Identity Design Examples

• Typography

We will use top-quality typography services to create and communicate your company’s identity as clearly and effectively as possible, ensuring your audience understands and remembers your company’s message and values.

• Color Palette

Different colors have different effects. Depending on your company’s needs and in line with brand guidelines, we will choose the color palette to help achieve your business’s goals.

• Form/Shape

A strong identity does not include text and simple images. Positioning, shaping, and using the proper forms are critical factors that will influence the effects of the strategy.

• Logo

As part of the brand strategy, our goal is to create the perfect logo for each client. For this reason, our team does not stop until it makes an unforgettable logo that fits perfectly with your company’s strategy.

• Website

Different businesses need different types of websites. DIMPILL takes a personalized approach and customizes every element of your website to fit your company’s identity and goals.

• Product Packaging

To strengthen your business’s brand, it’s ideal to use the packaging of your products as a tool. Our top-notch branding solutions will make your clients always consider your company first.

• Business cards

A strong strategy must not forget about business cards. Some types of businesses can benefit more from this method, but ignoring business cards entirely is not recommended by any brand guidelines. We can create the perfect designs for them.

• Email design

We can help you create the perfect images, text, and fonts for your e-mail strategy. Branding every detail of your company’s emails to maximize their effects is just the thing for our team of experts.

DIMPILL’s 5 Steps Branding Process.

  1. Market audit
  2. Set business objectives
  3. Identify target consumers
  4. Decide on the brand message
  5. Align visuals to the message

The Countries Included in DIMPILL’s Brand Identity Portfolio

– Saudi Arabia: A most successful brand strategy focuses on heritage and traditional values while using calligraphy and symbols in their logos.

– Lebanon: The country is known for innovation and creativity in branding and has many bold brands that use modern designs in their logos.

– Qatar: Most companies are proud of the country’s rapid development and use sleek modern elements tied to innovation and technology.

– Iraq: The market preference is influenced by its heritage as the birthplace of civilization, so many brands use traditional elements in their logos.

– Turkey: Its status as a bridge between Asia and Europe tends to influence the companies’ identities, and the use of Turkish motifs and symbols makes many top brands unique.

– UAE: As a recent hub of international business, the new brand identity examples use modern elements and values such as forward-thinking is expected and effective.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Exclusive Brand Identity Agency

  • Consistent communication
  • Efficient business assessment
  • Consideration for business goals
  • Positive and comprehensive design plans
  • Experienced and professional team