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Date Boxes - Shanshal

Beautiful and Extraordinarily Illustrated Date Boxes for Every Special Occasion


Dates have been an important symbol of cultural identity in the Middle East for thousands of years. For countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, or the UAE, dates have been, and still are, an essential source of economic sustenance that successfully blends with the typical traditions of this region. Date giving is a tradition that has its origins in ancient times and continues to this day as a way of showing appreciation to the important people in our lives.

Date Boxes - Roman

Your Uniquely Designed Date Box, Courtesy of DIMPILL

Our company’s two decades of experience make us the ideal choice when offering dates gift box to the essential people in your life. We can offer a date box look explicitly created to highlight your unique personality, and your tastes can be successfully brought to life by the creative minds of our talented designers.

Date Boxes - Roman

What to Expect When Choosing DIMPILL Box Packaging Design Services?

• Respect for Tradition and Heritage

By turning to our company, you can offer a personalized dates gift box that respects the traditional Middle Eastern heritage. Do you want the package to be as impressive as the Emirati dates? Then our company can be the ideal partner for your happiness.

• Compatible Designs for Every Box Size and Shape

DIMPILL designs are suitable for various box sizes and shapes, making our offerings ideal for whatever type of gift you choose. Do you want to surprise your friends and family with a beautifully decorated box filled with Emirati dates? Then we are the perfect partners for your vision.

• Unique Features

Our unique box packaging design can help you impress your relatives or colleagues with the ease with which they can be opened. The vast selection of features we can incorporate in our designs is crucial to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

• Attention to the Client’s Wishes and Ideas

Attention to detail defines us, just as dates define the Middle East. Are you looking for a unique box containing a diverse selection of plain dates? Then we are at your disposal. Turn your dreams into reality with our unique crafting skills.

A Visually Striking Showpiece for Each of Our Dates Box Design

Date Boxes - Roman

Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Custom-Made Dates Packaging Box

• Suitable for all occasions

Our special packages are ideal for offering dates for lavish events like weddings, graduation ceremonies, engagement parties, or traditional celebrations like Ramadan.

• A delicious gift

Our exclusive packages, when combined with a careful selection of dates, can be a delicious gift that will delight your loved ones.

• It never goes out of style

Date box is a traditional Middle Eastern gift, so they will always remain relevant no matter the age in which we live.

• Fully customizable

Our dates packages are fully customizable solutions that, through the materials and shapes used, have the potential to bring out your artistic vision.

• Elegant yet classic touch

The date packages offered by DIMPILL can provide that classic touch that we appreciate in the gifts offered and that nowadays is so hard to come by.

Date Boxes

Boost Brand Visibility with Our Exclusively Designed Dates Gift Box

• Suitable for Corporate Events

Date box is an ideal gift for personal occasions and a perfect present to start a new business partnership.

• Token of Hospitality

Dates are a traditional symbol of hospitality in Middle Eastern culture, and customized packaging gifts can bring you a plus in the interactions aimed at increasing your reputation on the market.

• A Means to Support the National Economy

Being such a popular gift, dates also represent a mean to support local culture and boost national economy. Our team is composed of nationals with experience in dates gift package creation.

• Increases Brand Visibility

Our company’s customizable dates packaging designs are perfect if you want to break out of the norm and make your name heard in your area of expertise.

• Improves Sales

A customized date box can help you strengthen your ties with your business partners which can translate into increased sales.

• It makes for a Beautiful Yet Traditional Corporate Gift

As a corporate gift, our packaging design services can make ideal and traditional presents that successfully blend middle eastern values with a modern way of looking at the future.

• Fully Customizable

The colors, materials, and shapes we use for every box with dates can be fully customized to represent the unique tastes of our precious clients.