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Coffee Shop Design - Blended

Outstanding Coffee Shop Designs that make your dreams come true


The perfect café design has the potential to create a pleasant atmosphere in your café. It encourages people to return, repeatedly try your products, makes your customers stay longer on your premises, and helps you maximize the available floor space.

DIMPILL can be the expert partner in creative design that your café needs. Our team of leading design specialists has more than twenty years of experience, and our offerings are sure to fit your unique vision. Our motto stands for excellence, and the satisfaction of our customers is the motivation that drives us forward.

You Need the Best and Most Amazing Design for a Small Coffee Shop

• Attract New Customers

An innovative design of your café can help attract the attention of people who don’t know about your products. The first thing that draws us to a café is its design. And here, calling on our professional design firm can be a massive advantage for your business.

• Motivate Clients to Return

A proper design will also allow customers to regard their experience as worthy of repeating. Clients impressed by your café’s appearance will likely return and try other products you have on sale. Either way, turning to our company is the solution for your design needs.

• Make the Most Out of the Space Available

Calling on our firm can help you develop a design for your café that maximizes the floor plan available at your disposal. With a clever use of natural lighting, even the smallest space can seem monumental to your potential customers.

• Mixing Different Textures and Materials

Details make all the difference, and the materials you use are essential if you want to make your café design stand out. It’s possible, for example, to combine the classicism of wood with the modernism of metal tables. You can make use of the warm light of halogen lamps and, at the same time, offer your customers QR menus.

• Includes Most Advanced Design Trends

You may be interested in a modern coffee shop design that successfully infuses the classic coffee concept with 21st-century technology. Or perhaps you’re a proponent of a vintage approach and want to attract an audience looking for a classical Arabic experience.

Coffee Shop Interior Design – the Complete Stages of the Process

Why Choose Our Coffee Shop Designers?

• We Can Help Create a Great First Impression

A pleasant first impression is everything you can hope for from your target audience. DIMPILL is the best, and we can craft an amazing first impression with a fantastic coffee shop design.

• We Respect Our Client’s Theme and Brand Image

Our firm can help you create your own identity while respecting the original vision of your brand, which over time, can maximize your profits. The final design will always be a reflection of your brand image.

• We Promise Ergonomic Designs

Calling on our professional design specialists will ensure that your space will be maximized and that your customers will feel comfortable in the warm atmosphere of an ergonomic and efficient café.

• We Do Complete Analyses Before Submitting Design Proposals

DIMPILL will thoroughly analyze your space, including your potential customers’ needs and your location’s advantages. DIMPILL believes that a great small coffee shop design should be efficient and chic, so we make these two elements our number one priority.

We Offer Comprehensive Design Solutions

Our company provides comprehensive coffee shop designs solutions that bring out the original spirit of your café. From the placement of signs or a logo to the arrangement of your bar, our firm will take care of all aspects of your vision.

We Provide Coffee Shop Design Ideas for the Following Countries:

• Saudi Arabia

Originating in Ethiopia, coffee has become a staple of modern Arab culture. The country’s evolution towards technology is visible in most designs and architectures.

• Lebanon

In the 21st century, Lebanese entrepreneurs proudly preserve their values and continue finding ways to innovate in their field.

• Qatar

Qataris café owners are enthusiastically looking to the future of boutique coffee shop designs that retain the vintage appeal synonymous with the region’s coffee culture.

• Iraq

For customers in Iraq, our company can help you bring out your unique vision while remaining faithful to the region’s cultural identity.

• Turkey

If you are a café owner in Turkey, we can help you blend the innovation of this era with modern coffee shop designs that have become necessary in the 21st century.

• The UAE

For our clients in the UAE, we can propose eco-friendly designs that will blend seamlessly with the other vintage characteristics of the coffee industry in this beautiful country.