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Do You Wish for an Eye-Catching interior design? Then It’s Time to Contact DIMPILL


Restaurant design refers to how a professional company such as DIMPILL can take care of the layout, and organizational aspects of your diner’s inside or outside space. With more than twenty years of experience in interior design, DIMPILL is an ideal partner to increase the growth forecast of your business.

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You Need a Grand Restaurant Interior Design: Here’s Why:

• Wow Customers

Original restaurant interior design ideas can impress your customers and help enhance your reputation in a specific area.

• Builds Brand

A great restaurant profile design can help grow your brand. A well-known brand translates into a high number of people interested in trying your menu.

• Creates Loyalty

What does a top 3D restaurant design vision mean? An unforgettable experience for consumers who, over time, are likely to become loyal to your place.

• Creates a Beautiful Space

An excellent commercial restaurant design automatically creates a harmonious blend of practicality and beauty. The attractiveness of the space is the first element that will catch the attention of potential clients.

• Sets an Ambiance

The interior design can define the atmosphere of your place. You might be interested in a relaxing interior design for an exclusive clientele. Whereas, to appeal to a young audience, it is best to create a lively atmosphere.

• Offers an Experience

A great food-serving establishment is memorable, and memorable experiences happen in locations in which the aspects of the internal layout are perfectly thought of.

restaurant design - Gutt

Other Restaurant Design Elements You Get When Working with DIMPILL:

Where to Find Us for Unique Restaurant Design Ideas

DIMPILL offers restaurant design services for clients in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE. Whether we are talking about exterior or interior design, what is essential is for the establishment’s atmosphere to present a mix between 21st-century modernism and the classicism of the traditional values of the Middle East.

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Five Reasons to Choose our Restaurant Building Design Team

• Creativity

The originality of our experienced team can take your commercial restaurant to a new level and invent a restaurant design appropriate for your identity.

• Guidance

The guidance of our crew will lead the creation of a perfect restaurant design that combines practicality with the originality required for a highly-rated commercial restaurant.

• Value

Our restaurant design offerings are cost-friendly and represent good financial value for entrepreneurs.

• Unique Concept

The experience of DIMPILL will create a unique restaurant interior design in your geographical area.

• Great Design

Our creativity will deliver an excellent layout for your commercial restaurant that will propel you into the ranks of the most sought-after venues in the city.

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Restaurant Layout Design Elements You Must Consider

• Floor Plan

You must implement an interior restaurant design that considers the available space. Excellent restaurant design maximizes the functional floor plan and effectively organizes the elements of a profitable commercial restaurant.

• The Lightning

Ambient lighting is crucial to set the atmosphere of the restaurant’s interior design. If the location is in an area where natural light is unavailable all year round, then a good idea would be to create a restaurant design emphasizing privacy.

• The colors

The colors of the restaurant design will depend on the research done by DIMPILL. For example, non-colors such as black or white are popular choices. Still, they are unsuitable if you want a classic restaurant interior design that will appeal to a select clientele.

• The Textures

The texture of the inside elements of your diner is crucial. The walls could be covered with Persian carpets or tapestries with intricate patterns, while for a modern look, you could embrace leather or metal ornaments.

• The Space Available

The space at your disposal may be your place’s most crucial layout element. A large floor plan may be suitable for an open-concept establishment, while a small one is more suited for an intimate ambiance.

• The Theme

Your restaurant design theme can be a tricky matter. You’re a Middle East entrepreneur, so you may want to create a place that considers creative cues from Turkey, Lebanon, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Iraq. But you may want to target foreign clients, in which case you could implement a distinctly European look.

• The Location

The diner’s location is vital for a steady flow of visitors. Are you situated close to important tourist attractions? Then you may get a lot of foreign customers, and your menu will have to be adapted. If you are located in a suburb, your customers will likely be locals.

• The Local Art

The art on the walls of your establishment can give a touch of uniqueness to the whole place. The works of local artists can turn your location into an area of interest, and over time paintings bought for a modest price can be worth significant amounts of money.

• The Outside Area

The outside space of the place should match the inside. A lush landscape will likely attract visitors to your diner, but a less photogenic area can negatively affect your profits.

• The Sound

The music in your food serving establishment enhances the atmosphere you want to present. To attract young people, you should play modern hits. Perhaps classical European or traditional Middle Eastern music would be a better choice for a warmer atmosphere.